Looking for a Coach ?

GHAYA is the most experienced coaching provider in the Middle East region. Let us share insights into how we work with you.

What is Coaching ?

Coaching is known as a participatory process between the beneficiary and the coach to stimulate ideas and creative thinking leading to the enhancement of personal and professional potentials to their fullest extent. In light of an environment that is characterized by instability and complexity, coaching becomes more necessary. The coach considers the client the expert in his private life and even his professional life, he sees that each client has a creative side that has not yet been discovered, and that he is full of talents. Coaching helps our clients improve their future outlook on their professional and private lives while developing their leadership skills and unlocking their potential.

A Woman Coaching another woman

How can a coach help you?

The coach can help you in many situations that you may encounter in your daily life as well as in your studies and profession. If you feel lost or unable to control your career, the coach can help you identify and solve the causes. A coaching session may help you when making an important decision in your life when you feel stuck and do not know what to choose or are not sure of the appropriateness of your choice. A coach can help you plan something new in your life or a goal you are pursuing. There are many reasons and situations that a coaching session might benefit you.

For example, coaching sessions may help you in:
• Raising self-awareness
• Improving work performance
• Defining and achieving career goals - business
• Conscious decision making
• Effective communication
• Self-management and leadership of others
• Solving daily problems in the scientific way
• Managing stress and maintaining mental health
• Take strong steps in the process of measuring and improving performance

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