Creative thinking and innovation


Course Overview:

Creative thinking is looking at something in a different and new way, which is known as thinking outside the box, as it includes lateral thinking or the ability to perceive unclear patterns in something, and creative people have the ability to devise new ways to solve problems and face challenges. of the external variables and conditions that surround them from every aspect.

Main Objectives:

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

    • • Define creative thinking and its types.


    • • Gain experiences in the field of Management excellence, thinking and career creativity.


    • • Gain skills and work on developing plans for project success.


    • • Have a set of managerial excellence skills that help them.


    • • Support thinking and recognition of unconventional modern thought.


    • Make strategic decisions in an innovative way.

Program Outlines:

    • • Thinking methods and tools.


    • • Quantitative methods of thinking and creativity.


    • • Career innovation, its importance and methods of success.


    • • Creative development methods.


    • • Self-development of creative capabilities.


    • • Japanese quality rings.


    • • Kaizen style and innovative management excellence.


    • • Laboratory of Management Excellence and Innovative Problem Solving.


    • • Innovation and creativity in enterprises.


    • Organization of the institution of research and development activities.

Target Audience:

    • • All employees


    • • Directors


    • • Workers in innovation centres


    • Everyone who has a desire to develop his skills in thinking and innovation

Course Features

  • Classroom
  • All levels
  • Arabic
  • 5

Investment Cost

$ 850
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$ 850

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