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Course Overview:

This course is for people who have a responsibility to identify problems and then find a solution to those problems in their work and then engage in the decision-making process to implement those solutions. Participants’ personal thinking patterns will be examined, and a comparison between these patterns and the influence of colleagues and influences that lead to a preference for some thinking will be discussed. This course will also give participants the opportunity to experience positive thinking and learn about communication methodologies.

Main Objectives:

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

    • • Engage in the creative and critical thinking process.


    • • Identify problems and find appropriate solutions.


    • • Make decisions by applying creative methods and methodologies.


    • • Apply a balanced methodology towards creative thinking and generate exemplary decision-making.


    • Define an action plan to stimulate creativity and critical thinking to take decisions in the course of work for the course participants.

Program Outlines:

    • • Defining the management and its objectives.


    • • Problem solving and decision making.


    • • Recent trends in management.


    • • Management decisions and their relationship to developing companies’ work.


    • • Strategies for success in management.


    • • How to solve problems in work environments according to recent trends.


    • • Management’s relationship with other sciences and its close relationship with them.


    • • Defining management and its importance in the work of successful companies.


    • • The qualities of a successful manager.


    • • The successful manager and his ability to solve the problems that he may encounter.


    • • Decision-making and its importance in corporate business success.


    • • Management review and its important role in decision-making.


    • • Various factors affecting problem-solving.


    • • Patterns of decision making.


    • • Different thinking styles.


    • • Incentives for creativity.


    • • How to make decisions.


    • How to define a business plan based on creativity and critical thinking to aid in decision-making.

Target Audience:

    • All employees who have a responsibility to evaluate information that is often viewed as a problem, and who make judgments that result in decisions.All workers in the field of business administration and management offices of the company.

ميزات الدورة

  • Classroom
  • 48 hours
  • All levels
  • Arabic
  • 5

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